Saturday, February 28, 2009

A well loved man remembered...

It was 25 years ago when a well loved husband, father, brother, friend and collegue joined his Creator to a fatal accident. He would turn 70 years old if he is still here. He left when he was barely
45, when I was only about 18 and two younger brothers who were 14 and 10. It was tough for us kids, but it was worst for our mother who was in total shock to be left alone by the home's bread winner. But God is good. My mother was able to raise our family. She was almost giving up but fought over the loneliness and depression she had during those times of grief.

Time healed the wound we all had and recently on his supposedly 70th birthday we visited his tomb and offered him prayers for eternal repose. We love you Papa!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shabu Shabu

It was a long time since i had shabu shabu. Dining out will take so much of my money, that is why
i went to the China town in Manila and picked up ingredients for shabu shabu. Ingredients were never cheap though, but its better than dining out. The whole family feasted and we were all greatly satisfied. Lovely dinner. Here, have a peep, to what we had for dindin. Notice those little bear, those are fish cakes. Yummy...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Heart's Day

Yesterday I was in my son's school and in one corner a Valentines gift shop stands as a fund raiser for the school, led by the hardworking Mom's Organization. And at 3pm when most classes are done,
I was so shocked to see when boys flocked the booth, and bought items from heart shaped candies, heart shaped balloons, message in a bottle and stuffed toys. But guess which age these kids are? Wow boys age 8 to 12 flocked the booth. These boys could be eying on some girls? My boy was near me but didn't buy any. Maybe because he felt awkward getting one for his crush (if any?)
And so I broke his silence and told him. Go get something for mommy, grandma and sister. Just so he knows that Valentine's Day is for everyone. Son picked a chocolate and the heart shaped candies for the three of us. But sssssssssssssh grandma and sister doesn't know till the 14th.

Missing my angel, Carmie whispers "Pleaseeeeeee come back soon"

Its been almost two weeks now that I don't have a helper. She had to go home to her hometown to give her last respects for her departed father. As much as I would love her to be back soon and spare my hand from getting stiff (my hands get stiff maybe because of carpal tunnel syndrome), she is now on indefinite leave to be with her family and comfort her mother. It will be up to her now, to be back anytime she is ready to work again. But yes we all miss her presence, she's been a part of the household for many years now. My son grew up seeing her. She is far from being perfect, but when someone gets to be a part of our system, you just can't help but miss her. I see that she has her loyalty and dedication to my family, truly cares and remembers my kids all the time. Thus, imperfections to her work detail doesn't count match to me. For her to value my kids the way I do satisfies me the most. We miss you dear angel and please come home soon.