Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missing my angel, Carmie whispers "Pleaseeeeeee come back soon"

Its been almost two weeks now that I don't have a helper. She had to go home to her hometown to give her last respects for her departed father. As much as I would love her to be back soon and spare my hand from getting stiff (my hands get stiff maybe because of carpal tunnel syndrome), she is now on indefinite leave to be with her family and comfort her mother. It will be up to her now, to be back anytime she is ready to work again. But yes we all miss her presence, she's been a part of the household for many years now. My son grew up seeing her. She is far from being perfect, but when someone gets to be a part of our system, you just can't help but miss her. I see that she has her loyalty and dedication to my family, truly cares and remembers my kids all the time. Thus, imperfections to her work detail doesn't count match to me. For her to value my kids the way I do satisfies me the most. We miss you dear angel and please come home soon.

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