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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A well loved man remembered...

It was 25 years ago when a well loved husband, father, brother, friend and collegue joined his Creator to a fatal accident. He would turn 70 years old if he is still here. He left when he was barely
45, when I was only about 18 and two younger brothers who were 14 and 10. It was tough for us kids, but it was worst for our mother who was in total shock to be left alone by the home's bread winner. But God is good. My mother was able to raise our family. She was almost giving up but fought over the loneliness and depression she had during those times of grief.

Time healed the wound we all had and recently on his supposedly 70th birthday we visited his tomb and offered him prayers for eternal repose. We love you Papa!


  1. Wherever Tito is right now, I'm sure he's happy that you managed.

  2. i guess that is what ur papa would have wanted for all of you: to surpass the difficulties and heal from the pain. i am sure, he is proud of what you have become.

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