Friday, November 7, 2008


Oh my! Many people could be panicking now on what gifts to buy for Christmas, for their families, friends, co workers and maybe a handful of Godchildren.

Costs of living is really bad now a days and buying gifts could be stressing. It can even be hard to squeeze your budget.

But should gifts be expensive? In this trying times, we should learn how to be creative and not burden ourselves with too expensive gifts.

Kids will probably opt to get toys for Christmas or we can bake them their favorite cookies.

But to the older group why not give them something that they can read every now and then. Like a letter telling them how you appreciate them and how they inspire you could mean the most to them. Most of the time we miss to tell people how good they are to us and this is the time to express our thoughts through personalized letter. This is something that they can keep in their drawers and in their hearts for a long time.

I do keep cards and even up to now I do go over them and read them no matter how old the cards/letters are. And it makes me smile, something that I truly love and will keep till I am old and gray. Definitely priceless gifts I have.

And so I whisper to you, go start writing your thoughts about your love ones, because gifts need not be expensive to be priceless.


  1. amen! there are so many things we can think of without spending much, sa panahon ngayon kailangan frugal ka talaga ;)

    great tips! happy sunday ;)

  2. balik ako dito para maghatid ng tag

    i'm excited to find out the result ;)