Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whispering "Guides to Writing"

While on the train I was reading a career guide tabloid and let me share with you some tips in composing letters. According to the writer, most common flaw is verbosity(verbose), kilo metric sentences and high-falutin words. And the writer suggested to follow these simple tips to spare our readers from eyestrain.

1. Write shorter sentences.

2. Think "irreducible minimum" meaning don't overdo with your details. Drop less important details.

3. Use shorter words such as use for utilize, try for attempt, end for terminate and so on.

4. Write with your audience in mind.
You know what you wrote but never assume so will your readers. Assume ignorance on the reader. Hence:
Be aware you may be jumping into a conclusion without giving the logic.
Consider adding a brief background to shed more light on your main subject.


  1. these are great tips, korek ka jan sa mga yan ;) try mo nga punta sa, tingnan mo kung pwede ka na apply jan ;)

    Moms... Check Nyo

  2. hey carmie! i have a little something for you here.

    have a great weekend :D