Monday, December 8, 2008

Anyone in love before they get into college?

How strict should parents be on having their daughters and sons get to be romantically committed?
Is there a best time parents have to allow them? Some of you have gone through this experience, and some of you have teens who are now into a relationship? Mommy's out there who may read this, didn't you feel troubled to find out that your kids especially your daughters are now into a relationship? Please share what your insights are, your experiences and your advices. I know we can't be hard on them, but nor can we be so complacent. We want our daughters overly protected and we do not want them to plunge into something they will be sorry for later. Please leave your comments here to ease a troubled parent.


  1. i am a new mom and i don't know if i should be totally strict with my daughter when she grows up. i guess if i pull the reins too tight, she would rebel against us. i guess i can be strict without stripping her of her freedom to enjoy her friends. but of course, i should be careful to tell her to stay away from relationships as much as she can. but i will not ban her from having one if it cannot be prevented. but for now, i won't worry about it since she is still 9 months old! hehehe! btw, thanks for the comment. appreciate it!

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  3. While I'm a young parent, I am one of those girls who was in love before college. I met my hubby when I was 15 years old and we started dating on my 16th birthday. We dated for a year and then split up because my parents forced me to. After a miserable year apart with life changing events unfolding we got back together. We have now been married for 4 years and have 2 beautiful little boys.

    Love doesn't follow a schedule and there is no "right" time for everyone to fall in love.

  4. Hi! we both have the same template!
    I think I will worry if my daughter will have a relationship while in highschool. But if she will, I will just guide her and maybe warn her of the consequences of what "they might do" while being in the relationship.
    I read from parenting books, that having a happy and supportive family gives a child high self-esteem and good moral foundation. So since I'm not in that situation yet, I think showering my children all the love and care they deserve, will in one way or another, discourage them or take their minds away from "other things" someday. Also, prayers help a lot! Blessed are the children who have praying parents, I read uli from a book! Sorry napahaba!:D God bless!

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