Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dawn Mass starts tonight

Days will be numbered starting tonight and oh! days will pass so fast and it will be Christmas
day. It is the 15th of December but in the village where I live, dawn mass will start tonight at about 7pm. This is a good time for those who leaves home for work early in the morning , even students can hear the mass and complete the novena till Christmas day.

I remember when I was a lot lot younger and my mother brings me to the dawn mass at 4am.
wah, getting up in a cold morning was hard, I end up half awake in the church but goes wide awake when I smell the Pinoy delicacies as puto bumbong (purple rice cake steamed in bamboo moulders)
and bibingka (another kind of rice cake baked under and over a heat from a clay stove with charcoal) Yum!

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