Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rings, symbolic of wedding bands and engagement.

The Greeks and the Romans gave rise to the traditional marriage bands and engagement rings.
A ring symbolizes a complete circle, no break or it is a continuous circle. No matter what reason it brings, the purpose of wedding bands and engagement rings is to express ones deep emotions of our ever faithful love and happiness, and eternal commitment.

I had my wedding ring in 24 karat gold, looked nice in my fingers, but too soft and fragile to wear all year round. I feel like its melting when I cook, I had to keep it or else the shape of the ring could get worse.

For those of you who have plans of getting a wedding band or engagement ring, an 18 karat gold is the best gold for rings, strength is good and not too bright to look at.

June is a popular time for weddings, but December is the next popular month to say " I do "
Christmas is in the air and so does weddings in December.

When did you have yours?

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  1. I had mine in April... :D Anyway, I hope you had a very merry Christmas... :D Have a Happy New Year! :D