Friday, January 2, 2009

5th Christmas party in the village street

The past few weeks was really tight. Busy with different activities during the holidays, one of which was the annual street party in our village. I humbly initiated the first Christmas party in our street five years ago. It was a good thing that my neighbors cooperated, and agreed to have the street party every year. Four families are assigned to host the party each year. We can go very simple or we can go a little bit extravagant. This year gifts and prices are plenty enough to make the occasion festive. It was a bit tiring though, doing multiple tasks during the party. I was with other host families, but all are husbands and I am the only woman in the group, seems like the woman took the lead. Hahaha not complaining gentlemen! We know that nice men make a woman realize her worth by giving her tasks. Do some of you agree? Anyhow despite the tiring night of fun and camaraderie, it was all worth it to see all my neighbors mingle all through the night. It was truly a wonderful post Christmas celebration on the 28th of December!

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