Sunday, October 12, 2008

50th Wedding anniversary, Whispering Sweet Nothings.

It was a good Sunday morning and my family attended the 11 am mass.The priest surely caught his congregation’s attention by his homily. He shared to us the story of a grandpa and grandma who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. It was about the strong bond that kept them together for 50 years. The family of the couple rejoiced and celebrated their 50th anniversary by throwing a big gathering. The couple renewed their marriage vows. Everything was done as if it was their first wedding, exactly the same wedding they had 50 golden years ago. I am hats off to this lovely couple for keeping their vows until now that they are old and gray.

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to remain married. Many marriages just end in a click. Couples have differences, petty and repeated arguments that lead to nothing but separation. Problems within the marriage become too hard to handle but is leaving the marriage the best solution? Probably we would say yes, but the grandparents didn’t have a perfect married life either, they were just like any other couple who had their ups and downs, the only difference was, they remained to their vows and they accepted each other for who they are without fail for 50 long years. Everyone in the family was happy to see them together, applauded by the their children and their spouses, grandchildren, great grandchildren, their dearest relatives and family friends.

Now I am rewinding my thoughts and I remembered what the priest told us 16 years ago, during our wedding, and the priest said “For your marriage to last a lifetime don’t forget to whisper sweet nothings to your spouse, because if you do neglect that, both will whisper nothing sweet.” Check it out guys, you and I may be neglecting to whisper sweet nothings to our darling, honey, babe…whatever your terms of endearment are, let us keep it as sweet as it takes.

That could be the grandparents secret to their marriage bliss. Who doesn’t want to duplicate them? Do I hear some whispers out there?

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  1. hubs and i turned 21 last july, we've had ups and downs too [lots of them] and whispering sweet nothings really works well. it keeps the romance ;)

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    but you're learning ;) siguro IM na lang tayo. i suggest you add the blogroll on your side bar para sa ibang gusto makipagexchange links sa yo. you can start by adding my link. add kita sa blogs ko.