Thursday, October 16, 2008

High school 26 years back

Yes, you read it right, i graduated from high school that long ago and i lost contact of my mates till I get interested clicking my mouse and found my mates one after the other. And so we had our silver jubilee on 2006, we organized a semi formal gathering, at least a big percentage of my class were present. Some were not there, due to the limited time we had searching their whereabouts.But it was a blast. Can you imagine us acting and conversing like we were in high school?I know everyone matured through time, small fine wrinkle traces, and we still think that we still look the same! Added pounds isn't an issue though. We are all happy to see each other back.

We are scattered around the globe and good that most of them took effort to be home for the reunion. We still keep in touch through emails and looking forward to another reunion by 2010.

High school is something that we all cherish. Even during retirement we would imagine ourselves sitting in a park, hang out in a batch mate's house, or in a resort just taking things slow and enjoying a cup of coffee. We could be whispering closer to our ears because by then when we are a lot older we could have a hearing loss. Lol that is how we tease everyone.

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  1. this post makes me miss my high school friends. we are also scattered around the globe. it's nice to know that you had a blast. ;)

    i have an award for you,, do drop by if you have time.

    have a great weekend.

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