Friday, October 10, 2008

Kids whispered "Mom that was a great lunch!"

It was a long and tiring week for my son who is on his 6th grade. His second quarterly exams made his week busy, while I was around him guarding or rather guiding him to do his reviews for his exams. In between we would argue about his loud music while his eyes on his notes. I thought he can't do both at the same time. But son said, he can handle doing both. Wow! I just can't remember me studying like he does when I was his age. Mommy was the kind of student who studies when my area is really quiet, no music and no murmurs please. That will totally distruct me. Anyway seems like the music worked well for my son, he's got good test results. Thank God for that!

It is a Saturday and both my kids are free from school task and mommy is home. Our house help makes things a lot easier for me and we all appreciate that. She does the cooking too. But today I grabbed her work in the kitchen and I cooked our lunch. It always excites them when I get my hands in the kitchen and do our food. I made a tuna steak marinated in our local lemon and soy sauce with salt and pepper to taste. The drippings of the steak makes them want to ask for more, I balanced the fish with a chayote, sauteed in lots of chunky garlic and a little butter. Just imagine my kids, they feasted with todays lunch and the smile in their faces are just so priceless.

There maybe a lot of mothers out there who entrust our kids' food with the house help or the cook in your own homes, but kids would like and be as happy to see their moms enthusiastically preparing their favorites in the kitchen. We had a great lunch shared with my mom and our house help.....and KIDS WHISPERED, "MOM, THAT WAS A GREAT LUNCH"

And it always is exciting for me to hear it from my kids, such music to my ears!


  1. it's alright to listen to music while studying, i just posted an article about it, familiar music can help increase their concentration.

    the tuna sounds yummy, my kids love tuna too, they like it cooked the way you did and they eat it with lemon/butter sauce, i'm drooling right now, lol.

    have a great week ahead.

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