Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Business Head celebrates her birthday

Other than the usual routine, I happen to be an associate for Sanctuarium.It is a company that caters to all memorial care under one roof. The first of its kind in the Philippines, it is a memorial service with first class hotel amenities. To know more about it please email me at chungsanlu@gmail.com

Every month our Business Head conducts our monthly meeting to discuss promos and incentives to client and agents. This month our meeting falls on the 14th of October. Just like a regular meeting she leads the meeting well, but unknown to our Business Head, in the background a few associates was busy setting up the birthday surprise for her. She was so overwhelmed by our simple gesture of singing her a birthday song and offered her a cake to blow her candles, and a big snack for everyone. We had ice cream too but many can’t take as much, most associates are over 40.(sigh) I think it would be safe not to reveal her age. ( Shhhhhhhh I’m whispering she just turned 53) But seriously, she doesn’t look her age. To give you a description of her, she is cudly, Chinese looking and with fair skin, and to top it all I can see that she’s got a very kind heart. She is not only a business partner to us but also a good friend.

Our Business Leader can do without heading our team but her dedication is excellent. She can motivate her associates to push through, although there are many times that selling is hard. She keeps on keeping us updated, always on call 24/7, even when she gets a break and goes out of the country. She is very dependable. But what strike me most is her quality of standing confidently as a leader without being bossy. It is her trait that wins her associates attention therefore making her associates work for a sale.

Best Wishes to a dear Boss…Cheers!

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