Monday, October 27, 2008

Whisper from a Stranger

My internet connection and land line has been acting up for the last months now and yesterday I had to drop by the server's business office to follow up my complain, and as I was waiting for my priority number in a bench outside the business office (there was no place inside all seats were full with complaining customers) a shy looking gal approached me, she handed me her leaflet of a competing telephone server. She explained the product so well if I had the money then I would like to buy one. She sat beside me in the bench and after I knew it, she was telling me about her life and why she's there working as a sales agent for a telephone company. I felt so much for her, listening how she is working, away from her two year old daughter. Her only child is under the care of her ex boyfriend's mom. She can't say her mother in law, because she was never married to the father of her child. When I asked her about him, she smiled and said she feels and hears that the guy is seeing someone else. She looks young but she's in her late 20's. I felt she is hoping that one day he would marry her and live together as a family. But as I hear her speak and whisper that her supposedly mother in law doesn't want her near her daughter and the guy seeing someone else, I don't see a happy ending. But miracles are made to happen...I Hope.

It was an hour of letting her feelings out, she opened her heart and whispered to me. I am total stranger. I handed her my name card, just so she can follow me up if there will be a need for me to buy a phone from her. And lastly she whispered " Can we be friends if not a client?" And happily I said, "Yes" while I walk to the business office to log my complain.

It was a short one hour of waiting being with a total stranger. But it was all worth it.

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