Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Awooooooooohispers!

This time of the year many get so excited having parties on costumes, well at least for the upper class or maybe a small village trick or treat celebration for the young and the young at heart. On the 31st of this month, it will be a spooktacular day for the youth and the kids as they prepare the whole village to its trick or treat for kid’s ages 3 to 12. I’ve had the chance to give treats to kids and it was an awesome sight to see them knock on our door with their very cute costumes. They are suppose to frighten us but the lovely kids couldn’t scare us much, they are all so cute even with their scary make up.

This year another same event will be held, more fun scary spooktacular games and spooktacular party, Great prizes awaits the best Halloween costume.

In television ghost and ghost stories are the topics. Do you have your own personal story to tell? Or do you believe in ghost? Aha let me share to you my personal experience. My father died when I was 19 and in the Philippines it is a tradition that we offer 9 days of prayer for the soul of our departed, and in one of those nights while we were praying, the butterfly d├ęcor hanging by the window kept on moving which me and my mom noticed. Nothing to wonder if it was moving, there is air everywhere of course. But we wondered why the movement was not sideways? It was moving as if someone was pulling it downwards. Goose bumps were all over me. Could it be my dad’s presence?

Oh well, let your beliefs decide. If it is my younger brother who hears this, he would definitely say that it was not my dad’s presence but it was my strong imagination or it could be the evils spirit trying to deceive humans?

There are many more scary stories all over about ghost and the paranormal, but yes I would like to listen and no thanks I don’t want to feel any. No to ghost hunting.

Are there some of you who are into it? You are such tough guys.. Wohooo!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. when my kids were younger, yan talaga ang pinakaaabangan nila, super enjoy sila mag trick or treat. pero ngayun malalaki na wala na ko bibihisan ng costume ;)